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Enjoy your meal!

Anyone who romps outside in the Allgäu nature all day will be hungry as a bear. The aromatic Allgäu cheese and fresh milk are just right. Those who cook for themselves should definitely visit the rustic farm shops and typical farmers' markets. There you will find delicious honey, farmer's bread and lots of home- and handmade products. This is a vacation for the palate, too. In our hotel in the Maierhöfen holiday club, we are also happy to spoil you with rural Allgäu cuisine. Be our guest. Look forward to our Allgäu buffet with Swabian and Bavarian delicacies, which we always freshly prepare from local products.

Hotel Das Allgäu deftige Brotzeit
Hotel Das Allgäu Familie in Trachtenkleidung beim Ausflug


If you know the good feeling of spoiling someone then you will know what we are talking about. Because now it is your turn. Sit down and enjoy fresh bread rolls, croissants, delicious jam and sweet-smelling cake as an accompaniment to your coffee or tea, a breakfast fit for a king. In the evening we serve you excellent Allgäu specialities, Mediterranean cuisine, meat specialities and many other delicacies in our restaurant. But, be careful! The "Das Allgäu" hotel warns you: you can get used to being spoilt!


Hotel Das Allgäu Bergpanorama mit Kühen auf AlmwieseHotel Das Allgäu Wandergruppe vor BergpanoramaHotel Das Allgäu Frühstücksraum und RestaurantHotel Das Allgäu junges Paar im Schnee
Hotel Das Allgäu Bergpanorama mit Kühen auf Almwiese
Hotel Das Allgäu Wandergruppe vor Bergpanorama
Hotel Das Allgäu Frühstücksraum und Restaurant
Hotel Das Allgäu junges Paar im Schnee