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Seehotel Grunewald on the river Havel

Fascinating Berlin: One could say a jack of all trades. That is also how diverse and colorful a holiday at Seehotel Grunewald can be. The hotel is located in Grunewald directly on the Havel with fast transport connections to the center of the capital Berlin and the city of Potsdam. Berlin is a particularly popular travel destination for multifaceted city trips: From beach and hiking trails to urban Alexanderplatz and Reichstag. Spend unforgettable days and a great vacation in the centre of Berlin at Seehotel Grunewald.

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Seehotel Grunewald Berlin Stadt-Lichter-Panorama bei Nacht
Seehotel Grunewald Berlin Außenansicht mit Garten und Pavillon am Wasser

Your vacation destination


"Berlin, I love you!" Our capital, a mirror to German history and culture, bars, theatre, festivals - Berlin is the city of the world. "Come on in", as we say here. Our quiet but centrally-located Seehotel Grunewald is surrounded by greenery, directly on the Havel, but not "right far out".

At the Seehotel Grunewald we make two into one. Get to know and love the exciting, pulsating and historic Berlin. Go everywhere by bus and train. In Grunewald and on the Havel you will find peace. Exactly the right thing for all those adventurous and culture-hungry souls that also like to make themselves comfortable.



Berlin, without limits!

After 36 years, I, Thomas Krause, took over the hotel management of Seehotel Grunewald. "I am looking forward to the exciting challenge of further advancing this great hotel of GEW Ferien GmbH." As a native of Berlin I have big shoes to fill and plan to give new impetus. The hotel industry has to adapt to changing market conditions constantly. The same holds true for management. Nowadays, more and more people meet first in the digital and then in the real world. I therefore invite you to take the chance to get to know us a little on this website. I believe this is an effective way for you to get an idea of the Seehotel Grunewald. I would be delighted if you agree and hope to see you soon at the hotel.

Kind regards from Seehotel Grunewald

Thomas Krause / Hotel Manager


What we offer


Seehotel Grunewald Berlin Havel Ufer mit BootenSeehotel Grunewald Berlin Museumsinsel mit AusflugsbootSeehotel Grunewald Berlin Strand mit Strandkörben und Segelbooten auf dem WasserSeehotel Grunewald Berlin Außenansicht mit Garten und Pavillon am Wasser
Seehotel Grunewald Berlin Havel Ufer mit Booten
Seehotel Grunewald Berlin Museumsinsel mit Ausflugsboot
Seehotel Grunewald Berlin Strand mit Strandkörben und Segelbooten auf dem Wasser
Seehotel Grunewald Berlin Außenansicht mit Garten und Pavillon am Wasser
In autumn, Berlin's many sights shine in a very special light. Visit "Museumsinsel" (Museum Island) or enjoy a boat ride through the government district - our package offer "Getaway to Berlin" is ideal for this.

Your host, Thomas Krause

Seehotel Grunewald Berlin Außenansicht mit Balkonen
Seehotel Grunewald Berlin Direktor Thomas Krause


What can we do for you? Our team is looking forward to hear from you.

Seehotel Grunewald
Straße am Schildhorn 5
D-14193 Berlin

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